Every Kindred, Tongue, People and Nation

Revelation 5:9-10

And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

               There is gathering around God’s throne a holy nation, a royal priesthood and people for His own possession.  They are not going to consist of only Jewish in race, or Protestant in faith, or of only Gentile or only Israel.  They are going to be of the diversity of the earth.  The one thing they will have in common is that the blood of the Lamb will have redeemed them all. 

               A brother and I were discussing the other day how the outward appearance of a human being is based on a very small percentage of their DNA. Yet, mankind seems to make about ninety percent of their judgements about others based on the outward appearance such as looks, color, race, nationality and geographical location.  Thank God, that He does not judge us by such criteria for we are all His workmanship.  Even though God chose out the Jewish race to perpetuate His name and be the vehicle for the Messiah, the vast majority ended up rejecting their own Savior and salvation.  In fact, in Act 13:46 Paul and Barnabas speak this to a Jewish assembly, “Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold, and said, It was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles.”  God has His ways of opening salvation to every man, woman and child that through the blood of the Lamb they might be redeemed unto Him.  Indeed, God is a God of diversity, but He is not a God of embracing every sin and perversity of man.  We don’t come into the presence of the Lord on our terms, philosophies, thinking or will.  We are reconciled to the Lord on His terms and only by the blood of the Lamb, which we appropriate through faith in Christ Jesus.  Salvation is not on our terms, but on God’s terms.   We, as a people, often get backward in our thinking and somehow think that the clay should shape the potter rather than the potter shaping the clay.  The creation doesn’t get to tell the Creator how to make the rules and what is acceptable and what is not.  If we are God’s people, we play by His rules and do it His way, but He loves us all the same and is not a respecter of persons.  Indeed, the people of God that will be His kings and priest and rule the earth will be a diversity of men, races, tribes, tongue and nations, but they will have a singleness of heart and purpose.  All that they do will be to please, honor and obey the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

               If racism or prejudice of any kind possesses our heart based on the outward appearances then we have a spirit that is not of God.  1 John 1: 5-7 tells us, “This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. 6If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. 7But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.”  Again, we are exhorted about our attitudes towards others both in the natural and in the Spirit in 1 John 2:9-11, “Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness. 10Whoever loves his brother lives in the light, and there is nothing in him to make him stumble. 11But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness; he does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded him.”  For us to walk in the fullness of the love of Christ and His salvation, then hatred, offense, unforgiveness, prejudice, respecter of persons; all of these must be put under the blood and washed from our hearts.  If we are to walk in the light as He is in the light, then it must be the Love of Christ that reigns within our hearts.  Are we willing to embrace the diversity of God’s family and walk in His love toward all men? 




Revelations 4:1
After this I looked, and, behold, a door [was] opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard [was] as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.

Where We See the Vision of God

Most of us expect that God is supposed to meet with us on our terms, in our earthly mentality and thinking. We are always wanting more of God, so we invite him into our box, into our preconceived and formed religious thinking and mindset. Remember when, in Acts 10, Peter was on the roof top praying and God showed Him a vision of a great sheet knit on four corners, let down from heaven. It was full of unclean animals, wild beast, creeping things and fowls of the air. A voice came to him and said, “Rise Peter, kill and eat.” Remember Peter three times refused and objected because these were unclean. Peter said, “Not so Lord, for I have never eaten anything uncommon or unclean.” God was challenging Peter’s religious thinking and his doctrinal box. This didn’t fit in Peter’s theology at all. There comes a time when God takes the type and shadow and makes it a reality. There was a whole lot of this going on when Christ came as the fulfillment of so many types and shadows of the Old Testament. This is the reason that Judaism doesn’t fit comfortably in the mold of Christianity. The former was based upon types and shadows and the latter is based upon the fulfillment of those types and shadows in Christ. God’s Word does not change, but the times and the seasons of it do. We don’t reap our harvest in the winter, it isn’t the season. In God there are seasons and Jesus taught us to recognize the seasons spiritually. If our eyes are only fixed on this former season and our minds are narrowed to only walk in what have known, we may miss the season for which we were created and purposed.
In our passage in Revelations, God didn’t come down to John’s level of thinking and reasoning, He showed him an open door in heaven and said, “Come up here and I will show you the things which must come hereafter.” If we, in our generation, have come to this time of hereafter, then it is important that our spiritual eyes, ears and mind are open to the things that God is doing and speaking in this hour. They may well go against the grain of our former way of thinking as they did for Peter. We are quickly approaching the fulfillment of many of the things that the Word has spoken to us, but we have not comprehended them because the hour was not yet. I believe we are already standing in a new season of God and it is imperative for all of us to really be open for God to show us and bring us into a new dimension in our faith and in our lives. We are standing in a new day when the things spoken of as hereafter are now becoming present tense. Be ready for change, not in fearful way, but in a faith-filled way. Keep your eyes and your faith upon Him that when He moves, you move with Him, even if it is not the way it has always been. God is calling us up through that open door in heaven to come up and see the things He is about to do upon the earth. Even as God was showing Peter that He was about to bring the Gentiles into the kingdom of God, He is bringing us into a new season in Him. You will hear the word from God’s anointed and it will sound strange to you, but listen with your spiritual man, then move in obedience to what the Lord will be prompting you to do. This will not make sense now, but it will as the Spirit of God unfolds it.


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