December 7, 2012

1 Chronicles 16:43
Then all the people left, each for his own home, and David returned home to bless his family.


Farsighted is when you can see things well at a distance, but things up close are much harder to bring into focus and clarity. When I look at the life of David I see a powerful, humble and anointed leader that was like a king among kings. David probably stands out in the Bible more than any other leader in the Old Testament. He truly operated in more than the office of king, he actually operated as prophet, priest and king. God had taught him and anointed him to be a leader among men and to reveal God’s heart for His people.
God is faithful to show us both the strengths and weaknesses of His chosen. From that honesty we can glean wisdom and correction for our own lives as we make application to them. We also are made up of strengths and weaknesses. Some, I guess, are inherent in our character, but that doesn’t give them permission to stay there if it doesn’t line up with the character of God which we should desire to be conformed too.
When I look at David’s life, one of the areas I see him have the most struggles with, is his own family. Of course, he had multiple wives, which probably only compounded his problems. I figure if I can keep one woman happy I am doing exceptionally well. One of the things that happens to so many of us, maybe more to men than women, is that we, like David, can be farsighted. We can be good at what we do out in the world or with ministry, but perhaps our greatest struggles are at home. We lose focus sometimes of our first and foremost priority, our spouse and children. Often in our sacrifice to help and meet the needs of others we are sacrificing them as well, because they may have lack in order that others might benefit. David, in leading his nation, didn’t always lead his family with the same diligence, love and correction. Some of his greatest advisories, like Absolam, were those of his own household. I am sure he probably blamed himself for that and maybe all that led up to it.
We can’t change the past mistakes that we have made, but we can ask God to correct our vision through the Holy Spirit to see more clearly how to address the needs within our own homes and families. With both husband and wives working and many children growing up in single parent homes, children today often get neglected. It is most often not intentional or deliberate. Parents come home tired and exhausted from their day. They have probably been pouring out in their jobs and then their is the home to maintain along with all of the chores of a household. Often our wives, husbands and children only get the leftovers of what we have left to give, if anything. Ironically, they are the ones we are supposedly killing ourselves to provide for and make a better life. Their life can’t be better unless we are in it, no matter how rich we are. Often this balance of our giving to our family and spouse is a hard one to navigate. Many demands and responsibilities are upon our lives, but I know that there is no more valuable investment that we can make than what we put into our families with our personal time and attention. We can’t lose sight of the reason why we got married and had a family. They are our first priority, because they are the ones that will carry our faith and values to the next generations. They will most likely model before their children the example you modeled before them.
The scripture I chose is one where David had just brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem and it had been an intense time of activity and ministry, but I loved what I read when he had finished, “and David returned home to bless his family.”
I pray God will help you and me not to be too farsighted that we lose focus of the importance and priority our family needs to be to us. May He give us spiritual vision that is in focus, balanced and complete.


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