Until Christ be Formed in You

November 21, 2022

Galatians 4:19

My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.

Until Christ be Formed in You

               This morning as I was praying for my children, I found myself daydreaming.  I was picturing myself as a feeble old man on his deathbed.  I was speaking with my son as I had him put his hand in mine.  I was asking him about his relationship with the Lord.  I realized that one of the most important things in my life is that my children are in right relationship with Christ spiritually.  Our kids used to always ask us what we wanted for a birthday or holiday and we would almost invariably tell them we just wanted them to be right with the Lord, make right decisions and live good lives.  Anyway, as I held my son’s hand, I was telling him that even though I appeared to him as old and feeble, I was still the same dad that raised him and loved him through the good times and the bad.  I told him that even though I wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the drawer the one thing I did know and believe with all my heart was the reality of Christ and His love for us.  The greatest disappointment in my life would be to come to find out that while I went to heaven one of my children went to hell.  Even though each person makes their own decision concerning their salvation and relationship with Christ, if my children missed it, I would feel the crushing blow of failure in the one thing that was most important to me.  

               I think Paul had this same kind of fatherly feelings when he spoke this scripture about his travail for his children in Christ.  Rather we are speaking of natural children or spiritual children, those that we lead into Christ become, or should become, the burden and the intercession of our heart.  The greatest heartbreak to us is to see their faith become shipwrecked or steered off course by wrong doctrine and teaching. 

               Even when we see our children make wrong decisions and choices, we know that us being the voice of condemnation, is probably only going to drive them further away.  I think we are like the prodigal son’s father who goes to the window every day and looks out hoping and waiting to see his son return.  Every day he is lifting them up before the Lord in prayer and everyday he is in travail until Christ be formed in them.  We pray that the life we live before them will be the greatest testimony and witness to the reality and faithfulness of Christ. 

               I think above all else I, like Paul, desire to see Christ formed in my children.  In Malachi 2 the Lord says that he has made the husband and wife one that they might bring forth a godly seed.  That is the purpose of marriage and union.  That is that our purpose in the natural and in our union with Christ, that becomes our purpose in the spirit.  That is my desire and I believe that is the desire of God’s heart, that we bring forth a godly seed to His glory and honor. 




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