Dare to Speak

September 28, 2022

Dare to Speak

Romans 15:18

For I will not dare to speak of any of those things which Christ hath not wrought by me, to make the Gentiles obedient, by word and deed,

How is the Lord working in you today?  What is He bringing forth in your life?   Do you know why He is working His ways in your life through various means and experiences?  As you think about these questions, think about what He wants to communicate through you as a result of the Holy Spirit working in your life.  This is why it is vital that each one of us has a personal relationship and experience going on daily with the Holy Spirit.  Our lives are being fashioned for a purpose and that purpose can only be truly realized as we walk in relationship with Christ.  While our churches and sources of spiritual teaching and instruction are good, they alone can’t work the experience of walking out a godly life through which the Holy Spirit is dealing with us and teaching us through our life experiences His ways and His truth. 

The point of what Paul is saying in this scripture today is that he didn’t just go and speak the things he had been taught in Bible school or read out of a lesson.  What he was teaching and speaking was coming out of spiritual revelation and experience of walking out the will of God in his life.  What he communicated to the saints was what God had wrought in him.  He was not giving regurgitated food, but he was giving fresh manna, made real through a personal walk and experience.  Each one of us, if we are walking with the Lord, are experiencing His personal dealings, corrections, revelations and spiritual realities in our lives.  It is these things that make up our testimony and give real life substance and meaning to what the Spirit is teaching us through the principles of His Word.  His Word is forever the foundation and the bedrock of what the Holy Spirit wants to make real and living to us.  As it is processed through each one of our personal experiences it becomes a living Word in us that we can communicate to others.  As each of us experience and process what God is working in us then we really have the right to share it with others.   Wasn’t this what Paul was sharing about concerning what He was teaching and the foundation He was building in the lives of others.  What God works in our lives I don’t believe He does for us alone.  Through our walk, experience and personal encounters with the dealings of the Lord, we then can be His expression to help and minister life to others.  Haven’t most of us been encouraged at one time or another when we were going through something and we may have felt like we were the only ones that experienced this and then someone came along that could personally relate with where we at through their similar type of experiences.  They offered comfort and encouragement to us through their personal identification with where we were at.

God works things in our lives for a reason.  Draw from these life experiences as you use them to bear witness and give testimony of your faith.  They are valuable instruments that the Lord has put into our hands to convey life and blessing.  Through them we’re able to get under others and lift them up rather than speaking down to them through just condescending head knowledge.  The Pharisees and Sadducees were great at judging others with the law, but Jesus said they were ‘whited sepulchres full of dead men’s bones.’  They only knew how to use the Word to minister death and judgement, rather than life, encouragement and blessing.   This is the difference the Word makes in us when it comes alive through life experiences.   We are able to relate with people in humility and love because we experience similar things. 

God is making us the ministers of His life.  Use what He has revealed in you through the direction of the Holy Spirit to give life to others in your life’s path.  God often places us with others for a reason.  We are the instruments and vessels He wants to use to communicate life, blessing, exhortation and teaching into those that He brings to us.  Be sensitive in your spirit to how our God would want to use and speak through you a living Word into someone’s life and circumstance.  You and I are His expression.  The world around us can only truly know Him by what they see in us and actions speak louder than our words. 




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