God Outside Your Box

January 31, 2022

Isaiah 55:8-9

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

God Outside Your Box

               Don’t we all tend to like to make nice tidy boxes that we can nicely put God within the realms of our understanding, summations and definitions.  Wouldn’t we all feel so much more in control if we knew that in this situation God was going to do this and in that one He would do that, but we are in God’s box, He is not in ours.  Despite all of our theologies we cannot harness God.  He defies our test tubes and analysis.  Yes, there are things that we do know about Him.  We do know that He is love, justice and holiness.   We see so many of His attributes revealed in His Word and know that these wonderful attributes are what He acts out of.  We know His Word is that which we can depend upon and which He will fulfill.  Even though He is the same yesterday, today and forever, we can never limit Him to our understanding or fully grasp what there is to know about Him.  If our God has limitations it is only because He has placed them upon Himself for our benefit and out of love for us.

               Isn’t it ironic that God has given us a free will?  Through that free will we have rebelled and sinned against Him.  We have often denied Him, forsaken Him and judged Him.  Yet when we see the hurt, destruction and death that our sin brings upon the earth we want to turn and blame God for allowing this to happen.  We say He is not doing anything about it and yet He has already done it through His Son Jesus Christ.  He has made a way, but it is still our choice and choosing that leads us out of the path of sin and destruction.  Even though we are Christians and have made the choice for Him it doesn’t negate the effects that this sin-laden world can have on our lives.   We can still experience its calamities and trials just like everyone else, because in this body we are still part of this fallen race. 

               While in this body we still experience the limitations of our humanity, but what is different about us is that within our spirits we also experience an unlimited God.  We often struggle with the fact that God doesn’t seem to act in our behalf the way we often think that He should have or that we prayed that He would.  Does that make God ineffectual or does it just mean that God is working in ways that we don’t understand and fully comprehend?  Is God truly indifferent to our needs and cries or is there something of a higher order at work beyond what we see, feel and experience?  How many times have we looked back in our experience or that of others to see that the tragedy, failure or the calamity that we felt God failed us in was the very thing that shaped our lives? It may have been the very thing that led us into the destiny and calling of what He had called us to be?  This is why we mustn’t judge God prematurely when we don’t think things are happening according to our understanding and our ways.  Often God is at work outside of the box of our understanding moving in ways that are infinitely higher than our immediate cognizance.  What God asks of us is that we trust Him.  Even when we don’t understand His hand we must trust His heart.  God is working all things after the counsel of His divine will and purpose.  Life will have its tragic and painful moments.  Know that God is not insensitive to those places of our deepest hurts, but those are sometimes the birthplaces of our greatest miracles and triumphs.  It is not necessary that we always understand what God is doing or why He does or does not move in the way that we pray.  We must not make the mistake of trying to limit God to our understanding.  He sees far beyond all that we could ask or think. 

               We often wrestle with why bad things happen to good or innocent people.  Often it has do to the principles that operate in a world where sin has been sown.  Just as God rains upon the just and the unjust, so sin and tragedy happen to both as well.  What we are learning is that we don’t live according to the principles of this world, but in our spirit and out of our spirit we are living according to principles of the kingdom of God and His dominion.  In that place we trust in His Lordship and His sovereignty, not always according to our understanding, but according to our faith.  Can you still trust God even when you don’t understand, and He doesn’t fit within your box?




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