The Things We Take for Granted

November 30, 2021

Matthew 19:14

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

The Things We Take for Granted

               There are a lot of little miracles that are taking place, happening around us everyday and so many of them have become common place to us.  Most of the time we steam right past them like a flower that has budded and bloomed.  We don’t notice, because we don’t take time to take it in, appreciate and enjoy what God has given us.  Today’s scripture is a good example of how what was unimportant, an inconvenience and annoyance to the disciples was what was in the heart of Jesus.  Some of the disciples were probably much of the philosophy that ‘kids should be seen and not heard’ or that their mothers just need to keep them out of the way.  Jesus saw something else.  He took the time to acknowledge and appreciate these little ones.  What He saw in them was the purity, the honesty, the tenderness and the trust that He wants to see in us who think we are on top of things and have things under control.  Those children possessed the qualities that make up the kingdom of heaven.  Those are qualities we need to return too in our relationship with the Father. 

               It is good for us to take time in our day to put our business and chores aside and just appreciate all of the miracles that surround us.   Just take the time to look through the eyes of Jesus at all that He has provided for your enjoyment and pleasure.   We need to take the time to let our family members know that we really love them and that they are important to us.  We need to see others through the eyes of Jesus.

I was sitting with my granddaughter next to me yesterday and I was just hugging on her and stroking her hair and telling her that she was my girl.  She was soaking up that love and attention.  That was important to her that she knows in personal ways that she is loved and appreciated.  She leaned her head into me and said, “I love you, Grandpa.”  Those are the miracles that I am talking about, 

My daughter was talking about all the times she spent with her grandparents when she was younger and all of the special memories she has of those times.  Since they have moved out of state we don’t get to share those times like we used too. 

Often, our times with our children or grandchildren are limited and we should never take for granted that we will have those opportunities again.  The same is true of friends and other family members.  We need to be sensitive to those things that pass us in the river of life.  They may always be there and again they may be gone tomorrow.  We can’t take for granted that what we have now will always be.  Seize the moment and take time to smell the flowers.

               Let’s open our eyes to all the miracles that are around us every day that we so often take for granted.  Thank God for them and appreciate them as Jesus did the little children. 



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