The Object of Our Focus

October 28, 2021

The Object of our Focus

Luke 10:27

And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

               Where is my focus today?  Even as I seek to set my mind on the Lord or to pray, my mind is flooded with thoughts of outside demands, pressures and the realm of natural things that are filling my soul and heart.  Even as I catch myself and go back into conversation of prayer and communication with God, outward distractions are constantly pressing in to try and break my time of precious, intimate fellowship with Him.  Even more ungodly are the times when I am seeking His presence in worship and praise to have my mind assaulted with impure and unclean thoughts, quickly followed by the condemnation and accusation of unrighteousness.   If this were not bad enough, invariably as I set to read, meditate and study the Word or again seek that time in His presence, the phone rings, the kids are arguing, the spouse is asking that I do this or that.  If one didn’t know better they would think that there was an intelligent effort to thwart that communion time with the Lord.  I’m sure most all of us have experienced this type of invasion on our spiritual endeavors to encounter and fellowship with our Lord. 

               We already know that the forces of darkness are at work in this arena of our soul, again diligent in their work to rob, steal and destroy our relationship with Father.  But “greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world (1John 4:4).”   Do you suppose Jesus ever felt the frustration of constant interruptions, demands, and interventions into His time that He desired to spend with His Father?  We find Jesus, even though no doubt enduring exhausting days of crowds, drawing upon the life of God in Him, the religious leaders constantly seeking to entrap and find fault with Him. Then, he had a variety of personalities He had to deal with in his disciples and others; still He found time to pray.  Our relationship with Father is much like a marriage.  We can’t always spend all the time we would like with our beloved because of the demands of life that are upon us, but at the same time we can’t neglect that relationship and the personal time we need to invest into it.  There are those times when we must shut ourselves off to the world, to the demands, to assaults of outward thoughts and just express our hearts to the lover of our soul.   The greatest commandment we have in life is to love Him.  How can we effectively fulfill the second command to love our neighbor as ourselves unless His love is abiding in us?  Our intimate fellowship and relationship with Him is what spawns the love of our neighbor.  The time of prayer, worship and intimacy with the Lord is what helps us redirect and concentrate our focus upon Him.  What we find is that God isn’t just an object that we stick into a time slot of our day and compartmentalize into an area of our lives.  He becomes the source of a constant dialoguing throughout our day as our dependency and trust is continually in Him.  We are communicating in our spirits through an almost subconscious prayer life that will fluctuate between conscious and unconscious awareness.  He is becoming so much a part our lives that we are learning to live in His presence.  As hectic and demanding as life is, the Lord must become the pivotal and channeling point from which our life is directed.  When we loose that perspective then our life begins to shift off course from His direction and will for us.  Perhaps some of us are finding ourselves in this place today where the object of our focus has slipped or shifted from the Lord being the utmost love and desire of our hearts to being a lesser priority.  Are we often distracted, of course? Are others demanding of our time, energy, and resources, constantly?  It is our heart and love for God that must direct our minds and order our days, so that He is forever upon the throne of our lives.  Everything else of this world will pass away, but what we have with the Father is eternal.  Where and what is the object of our focus today and our life in general?  Is each day birthed in prayer and praise?  We must be careful and diligent to maintain His Lordship in our lives.



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