The Lord’s Timing

October 19, 2021

Esther 5:8

8Then Esther said, My petition and my request is: If I have found favor in the sight of the king and if it pleases the king to grant my petition and to perform my request, let the king and Haman come tomorrow to the dinner that I shall prepare for them; and I will do tomorrow as the king has said.

The Lord’s Timing

               Most of us are familiar with the story of Esther, young Jewish girl raised by her cousin Mordecai.  The Jews had been led as captives in Babylon and Mordecai was employed in the King’s court.  Vashti, the former queen of Babylon had been disposed for her insubordination and Esther had been selected in her stead.  Esther, whose former name was Hadassah, had not disclosed her race or background.  Then we have Haman, the Agagite, who had been promoted by King Ahasuerus to be the chief of the princes under him.  Haman had a deep-seated hatred of the Jews and Mordecai in particular, because he refused to pay homage to him.  Haman had devised a plot and sold it to the king that there was a certain group of people scattered among the king’s domain who were different and didn’t keep the king’s laws so they needed to be annihilated.  The king had allowed it be passed into the law that on a certain day this genocide would take place.  The only hope for the Jewish nation and people now rested with Eshter.  Eshter is in a very precarious situation and a wrong move on her part could cost her life and the life of her people.  Our scripture today brings us to the place where Esther has taken a great risk in coming before the king without him summoning her.  He has received her and she has invited him and Haman to a dinner.  Yet at this first dinner she doesn’t rush to the point and present her request or beg for people’s lives.  We see her inviting them back again for another dinner the next day.  Now the king knows that Esther has a petition and is more than willing to grant it to her but she waits to disclose it.  Why does she wait?

               Throughout the story we see God at work setting people and events in place to deal with this design to destroy His people.  We see God doesn’t come in and just take charge and supernaturally change the course of events, but He is at work in and through the lives of His people whose hearts and minds are right with Him.  We see how Esther has been called and set in a position for such a time as this, but more than that, we see a woman who is willing to be obedient even at the risk of her own life. We also see a woman who has given herself to fasting and prayer to prepare herself for what she must do.  She has tuned into the Lord’s counsel and she has committed herself into His hands and is reliant upon His wisdom to guide her.  At this point in the story we find her not sharing her story with the king, but waiting.  The principle that we can see here is that we need to be sensitive to the Lord’s timing.  As we read further in the story we realize all that God is working is not quite in place yet.  Had she disclosed her petition at this time the results would not have been the same. 

               There are times we get a word from the Lord, but then we just run with it and don’t continue to stay tuned into Him and wait for His timing.  When we fall on our face we get back up dazed and confused at why God didn’t come through for us.  We may have just got ahead of His timing.  There is a time and season for all things and it is important that we learn to be sensitive to when God’s time is.  God’s time is most often, not our time, but if we want to see supernatural results then we had better get in tune with God’s timing.  It is one thing to hear from the Lord and it is another to move in His time.  Be sensitive to the timing of the Spirit.



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