Word of Christ

September 9, 2020

Word of Christ

Colossians 3:16

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

              How wonderful to know and daily experience the living Word of Christ.  It is no longer the dead letter of liturgy written on the pages of the book, but it is the living dynamic of Christ in us, the Holy Spirit having expression through us as He lives in us tooling and fashioning us in the image of His likeness.   The Word of God is like the wood or the coal we place within the furnace of our spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the catalyst that transforms that written word into the living Word, which is alive, relevant and personal to us.  The wonderful thing is that as He is working that in each one of us, we are in turn using that revelation truth and experience to encourage one another. The Word says we are to take the wisdom that the Holy Spirit is teaching us and share it with our brothers and sisters to help them to grow and encourage their faith.  This scripture encourages us that even our expression of worship and song is a form of building up the body even while we magnify the Christ that provides all for us.  The songs, the hymns and spiritual songs are means of communication and expression that invite the Lord’s presence into our midst.   As we are recounting to the Lord His great and wondrous acts it is magnifying Him, while it is building greater faith and confidence in our hearts toward Him. 

              This is the richness and value of the body of Christ.  None of us are complete in ourselves.  If we were there would be no need for fellowship and relationship with one another.  We could just simply go off by ourselves with God and be complete, but individuality does not a body of make.  We are all pieces of the puzzle that make the whole. We are a living dynamic organism, not organization, that makes up a living functioning body wherein each member is built up and edified in serving the other.  Our increase is in our giving.  Without our giving out of that which God has placed in us we become stagnant pools of water.  That is the place where disease can culture and grow.  We need exchange; we need to give out even the little things that God is working in us to others.  God is giving each one of us a part.  As we give our part and receive the other’s parts we are made complete and built up in the most holy faith. 

              My tendency is to try and be self-sufficient, but in doing so I can rob myself of the blessing God has for me through the lives of others.  The Lord is encouraging us to embrace the body today, to love and share with one another our gifts and strengths in Christ.  Even the least of us has something of importance that the rest of us need.  No, God didn’t leave any of us out.  If you don’t know what it is that Christ has placed in you, ask Him to show you.  It is in blessing one another that we are blessed and built up in the unity of the faith in Christ Jesus. 




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