The Fatherless

July 1, 2020

Psalms 68:5

A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, [is] God in his holy habitation.

The Fatherless

              A father is a strength and provider for his children.  He loves them; he corrects them and mentors them.  He is the model that a young child looks too and should want to aspire to be like.  He offers the leadership, guidance and should be the spiritual head of his home.  Fathers are an important part of a child’s development and life.

              We have an epidemic of fatherless children in America.  Besides the multiple children that are without a father due to death or divorce, a recent study suggest that 37% of births in America occur outside of marriage, with somewhere in the neighborhood of ten million single moms.  That is a lot of fatherless children.  It is not just the moms that struggle, most often it is the children as well. 

              I have a daughter who is a single mom. She does the best she can with balancing work to provide for her children and spending the time with them as a mother.  Her oldest son a very bright and precious young man, but he has acted out in defiance and anger at school and other places.  Part of his reasoning for this is that he resents not having a father to be there for him.  He sees other children with fathers and feels jealousy, hurt and resentment that he has been robbed of having a father’s presence.  I’m sure what he is experiencing is not so uncommon among many fatherless children.  As precious and nurturing as a mother is, they need that male counterpart as well.  They need grandpas and uncles and other males that can help fill in that role in the absence of a father.  They also need to come to know the Lord as the Father who has a special love for them and who is always there to be a Father to them.  We need our young and older people in America, and all over, to value the sanctity and the institution of marriage.  With our sexual freedoms have come the consequences of mothers who are trying to fulfill the role of both mother and father.  Thank God they have the courage to do that.  Many children have never had the privilege of birth, because there was an easier way out.  We have young men whose foremost thought might be their gratification, but lack the personal responsibility and commitment that a sexual relationship should bring with it.  We must, as the church, bring back the message of abstinence until marriage.  Our lack of it is creating a wide spectrum of social problems because we live in a society that is accepting of living outside of God’s plan.  We may have the presumed freedom to do that, but we often don’t realize how great the consequences can be, for ourselves and for others.  Our fatherless children are among those that are paying the price.

The fatherless need a father, to draw upon their strength and security.  We, who are in the position, need to bring that father’s love and instruct those fatherless children in who their real heavenly Father is and how He wants to be a Father to them.  It is we, as the family and the Church, which must make the difference in the lives and opportunities of our fatherless children.                                                              



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