The Words of Your Mouth

June 24, 2020

The Words of Your Mouth

Psalms 19:14

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

The Word says in Luke 6:45, “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”  Stop and meditate with me for a moment about the words that come out of our mouth.  Often, we are totally unaware of the spirit of the words we speak.  What is it that governs the words that we speak?  Do we process them or do we just speak out whatever words that our emotions feel at the time.  I feel a conviction that the words that we speak have a critical spiritual implication and need to be brought under the filtration of the Holy Spirit.  Some of you have learned the gift of edifying and building up with your words.  You desire and try to speak life and encouragement into each person even if they don’t measure up in many ways.  Still you choose to focus on the good in them.  There are times when you have to speak words of correction, but you do it in a spirit of humility and love.   Even your words of correction and discipline bring life and hope.

 There are others of us that have totally lost control of our tongues.  Often, it is the ones we say that we love the most upon which we unleash the fury of our cutting and biting words.  In those words there is no fragrance of life, but only bitterness, anger, frustration and condemnation.  Perhaps if you are that person that struggles with speaking these kinds of words there is a heart issue at the root of it that needs to be addressed.  You may feel justified or you may think “I don’t like the way I am, but I can’t help it.”  The Lord says it is coming from what you have stored up in your heart.  The beginning of changing a wrong vocabulary, rather it is cursing, condemning, critical, cantankerous or cutting, is dealing with the issues in your heart.  We can store up a lot of garbage in our hearts and the stink of it comes out through our words.  A lot of us need to take out the garbage.  We need to come and empty out our hearts before the Lord.  We need to not only seek and ask for His forgiveness, but be willing to forgive and release all of those offenses that we have held onto for so long.  Maybe you don’t even know why you can’t stand your spouse or your children and why they make you angry just being in their presence.  It is because there are unresolved hurts and offenses you are still carrying.  Maybe you feel that if you can just keep telling and drilling into them all the things that you don’t like they will change.  Maybe, if you are able to hurt them bad enough with your words they will wake up and start to be different.  What we are missing is the fact that you may be having a hard time changing the things in you that are ugly and impure. Why do you think that other person can change more easily than you can? 

              The Holy Spirit’s job is to change and transform us.  He can only do that as each of us are willing to yield and submit our hearts to Him.  Too many of us have tried to get into the Holy Spirit’s business and think we can effect change in people better than He can.  Sometimes the Lord does uses people to help us to change, but it is His doing and not ours.  Like someone said, “every time you point the finger at someone else, you have three pointing back at you.”  Change has to begin in our own hearts and with our attitudes.  We might be amazed at the changes that will take place in others when our heart and attitudes change. 

              Our words are often a symptom of our heart condition.  You can often tell about the condition of someone’s heart by the words that they speak, especially concerning others.  What kind of condition is our heart in today?  What are we speaking into others, especially the ones we say that we love?  What are we saying about others when they are not around?  Are we building them up or tearing them down?  Oftentimes, people end up demeaning, criticizing others and tearing them down because they have such low esteem and insecurity in themselves.  It is the person who is secure and who knows who they are in Christ that will promote and lift others above themselves.  They understand that it is not in the limelight of glory that they are promoted, but in the shadows of service and ministry to others. 

              If you are struggling with how you talk to others or about others, then get with God and let the Holy Spirit show you your heart.  Be willing to be honest and transparent.  Don’t try to justify yourself, but be willing to hear and receive the truth.  The Lord wants to heal you emotionally and physically.  He wants the words that flow out of us to be pure and life giving, building up and not tearing down.  Don’t allow the enemy to any longer use your hurt as His weapon.   Allow the love of God to minister to your heart and get things right again.  Let go of those past offenses and give them to the Lord when they come.  Remember always how much Christ has forgiven us and let that same mind be in us.  Let your words begin to reflect the life and light that you carry with you in Christ, especially to your family and loved ones.




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