Fellowship with Father

August 27, 2018

Romans 8:14

Because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.


Fellowship with Father


I just want to share with you some of what the Holy Spirit was speaking into me during my time with Him this morning.  I think the thing that we all desire from Father is a “now Word” that speaks to the season and the time that we are in.  I believe that what He is speaking to each of us is largely relevant to what He is speaking to His body at large.  At least to those who have an ear to hear His voice.


The Holy Spirit is freedom, liberty, no more walls, restrictions or limitations.  He is a river that can not be dammed up or stopped.  He overcomes all obstacles in His path as we flow in the Spirit of God.  As we are filled with that same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead we go where he goes and we also prevail against all obstacles and restraints.  The Holy Spirit flows and moves in the tabernacle and the tents of His people.  We must behold Him as the Israelites did as the cloud in the wilderness and move when He moved and stay when he staid.  The children of Israel lived outside the cloud.  We now live within the cloud of His presence.  That is the shadow of the Almighty and the shadow and protection of His wing.

Respect and honor the Holy Spirit.  Hold Him in high and holy regard. He is not common or to be taken for granted.


Why sickness and affliction lingers?

Like prison ministry, you learn in the midst of the prison how to bring freedom in.  You learn how to express out of your weakness His strength and out of your need, His provision.  When man learns to find the heavenlies and God in his limitation, then, not only does he become free, he is able to bring others into that freedom.  The kingdom is not that which is without, but that which is within.  When you walk in the unseen, even in the midst of the reality of your natural world, then you walk in the Spirit and in faith.  It is more needful and important to see with the eyes of the Spirit than even with natural sight.  Faith moves your circumstances, it is not circumstances that determine your faith.  God’s people get discouraged because they don’t always see in the natural realm those things that are taking place by the Spirit.  All things have a time and season; a time of planting, cultivation, watering and then the harvest.  Faithfully walking in the “I AM”, even when you don’t see, hear or feel will over time and faithfulness produce the “I AM” in you.  Faithful is the man that does not see and yet believes.

The mind of the Spirit doesn’t think as the world thinks.  It is not moved by worldly criteria or time.  It sees and moves in the eternal purposes of the Father.  The person that walks by the Spirit learns not to succumb or try to move according to earthly standards, pressures or human restraint.  So many miss the Spirit, because they don’t know and apply this principle.  They must only speak what they hear the Spirit speaking and do what they see the Father doing.  As Christ was in this earth, so must we be in this world.  The soul must learn submission to the spirit under subjection to the Holy Spirit.  This is why so few really move by the Spirit.  The soul has not yet been brought into subjection and obedience to the Spirit.  God’s Spirit is affirmed by the Word of Truth, because He is Truth.


John 10

The way of entry into the kingdom of God is through Christ.  He is the only gate.  All who are His sheep hear His voice and they know His voice.  His voice is revealed in His nature, its love, its correction unto righteousness and its consistency and alignment with the Word of God.

John 10:14

“I am the good Shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me. – Just as the Father knows Me and I know the Father and I lay down my life for the sheep.”

John 10:17

The reason My Father loves me is that I lay down My life  — only to take it up again.”

If we are like Christ we must embrace this principle of willingness to lay down our lives.

” Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. (Mathew 10:39)”

“Bear with Me church, for where I lead you will follow.”



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