Imitation or the Real McCoy?

July 30, 2018


Imitation or the Real McCoy?


1 John 4:17

Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.



Sometimes we hear the phrase that we should be imitators of Christ.  Somehow that implies that we should try and copy His personality and lifestyle or try to be like Him in our own strength and determination.  I believe that Christ wants us to be more than just an imitation of who He is; rather I believe that He saved us, redeemed and washed us by His blood, so that we might be cleansed and experience death and release from a lower nature.  Now, by the Spirit and life that we have received by faith we might be partakers of a divine nature and not just imitators of it.  When we think of an imitation we think of a replica and copy of the original.  We need only to look around us and see a world full of people that will say they believe in God or are Christians, but in no way resemble Christ in their words, actions and deeds.  Is our Christianity in word only?  Are you an imitation of your earthly father and his family or are you of the same substance, bloodline and heritage of your family? Do you just pretend to be your family name or are you known to be of that family name, all that it is and represents?

We so often depersonalize Christ and the Father out of our lives.  We consider them an add-on or someone who is real, but not really part of who we are and where we live.   Do we want to be imitations or the real McCoy?  This is what we have to lay hold of, not just once, but everyday and every moment of our lives, that we are Christ’s.  He is now our life, the substance of our name, which is His name, nature and who we are.  We may not see all that He is, produced within us at this point, but we are still undeniably of His family and of His blood.  How can we come into what He is if we always perceive ourselves as outside of Him and not a part of Him?  In order to know this family and the nature of it, we have to be an intricate part of its daily function and life.  We have to have fellowship and relationship.  The values, principles and discipline of this family are now ours because this is who we are.  Christ in you is your hope of glory, not just a religious appearance of piety and outward profession.  Christ is in us to transform our hearts and minds to who He is.  We can’t do that if we are still focused on who we were.  Who are you now?   Who is your father?   Who is your family?  If you are declaring without hesitation or reservation that you are of Christ, His Father and His family then you are no longer an imitation you are the real thing.  We will never make the proclamation that we are greater than the Master, but neither should we ever shrink away from the fact that we are anything less than His joint-heir with Him, nor have anything less than His same life and Spirit within us.  He is our head and we are His body and together we are one man in Christ.

Let us not be cheap imitations of the Christian faith; let our lives be the real McCoy!




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