Every Wind of Doctrine

October 6, 2017


Every Wind of Doctrine


Ephesians 4:14

That we [henceforth] be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, [and] cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

How many of us know that it is easier to deceive a naïve child than it is a mature and experienced adult?  Sometimes as Christians we are like the children at the carnival, excited about jumping on every new ride we come too.  Doctrines circulating in the church are the same way.   While I believe God is ever-unfolding deeper truth and revelation of His Word it will never contradict His Word, nor does God work in a corner.  What God is revealing to one, He will reveal to many who are seeking His face.  If it is God showing us something, you can be sure He will be revealing it to someone else as well for ‘by two or more witnesses is every word established’ (Matthew 18:16).

We can never take at face value every word we hear spoken as Christians, but we need a spirit of discernment to weigh that word against the written Word of God and the Spirit that bears witness to that word.  There are many things that tickle our ears and our flesh readily embraces because it makes allowances for the things we want to do and it caters to human desires.  There are also many men that use the Word of Truth mixed with deception that they may dupe gullible Christian into the error of their ways for personal gain or control.  We have all read or heard the stories like Jim Jones who had a following that he lead into mass suicide or David Karesh and his following at Waco, Texas.  Many of their followers were no doubt sincere saints who thought they had found the one with the truth.  By the same token many are lulled to spiritual sleep in the pews of dead churches and religion that has only form, but possesses little or no Spirit.

Then there are those of us who believe truth, but we may take one or two points of truth and make them the focal points of our faith.  We may lack balance and well-rounded faith that embraces all aspects of God’s Word.

God is raising us to be mature men and women of God, who maintain checks and balances in their spiritual walk through the whole counsel of God’s Word.  As well as His Holy Spirit that leads us into all truth, and the counsel and balance of other wise and godly ones.  Those who have validation through the fruit of Christ in their lives and the anointing of leadership within the body for the purpose of building up the body and bringing us all into the unity of the faith.  The Lord is bringing us into a steadfast faith that is growing, but not shifting and changing with every new teaching we hear.  Let us not be deceived or beguiled, but weigh carefully that which we embrace and placing on the shelf those things we don’t have a true revelation from God concerning their truth.  Prayerfully considering until we do have a confidence of confirmation concerning their validity along with those who teach them.





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