Looking Out

July 17, 2017

Philippians 2:4

Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.

Looking Out

When Jesus came into the earth, grew into manhood and walked among us, we never see Jesus focused on himself.  His attention, His ministry and His service is always in one of two directions and really it is in both.  He is first focused on pleasing the Father and carrying out His will and then He focused upon His fellow man and what is in their best interest.  I believe that it is still His focus today as our High Priest and Intercessor.  Even if we look at the Ten Commandments their directives are on how we behave toward God and our fellow man. 

I feel the Lord’s dealings in my life in the area that I am always too focused on what is in my best interest rather than what is in another’s best interest.  Without even realizing it we can always be weighing in the back of our mind, “how is this going to benefit me?”  In the realm of the natural man, “ME” is always central in what we do and the choices that we make.  The person that we see the most character and Christ likeness in is those that have this same mind that was also in Christ Jesus.  Their first love and attention is to the Father and secondly it is to what best meets the needs in others.  This scripture is not telling us that we don’t need to take care of own business and needs as well, but it is strongly encouraging us to not just be self-centered, but centered also on the good of those around us.  It may be in my best interest, but is it in their best interest as well?

The unique thing we see about the cross is that it is both a place of death and place of life.  It is an intersection between God and man and when we allow the cross to work in our life, it may mean death to us, but it will result in life to others.  We become that intersection between God and man, as we are willing to identify with the cross of Christ.  The benefits of that identification are often not seen in the present, but we have assurance that they are rewarded in eternity. 

As I start and go about my day, my first order of business is to minister before the Lord.  As I am able to touch Him in that time of fellowship, He touches me as well.  Then as I go into my world and my exchange is with other people, I can see them through eyes of Jesus to see what is their real need and “Lord, how can you enable me to be a part in meeting that need?”  Maybe that need is just an encouraging word, a compliment, a smile, opening a door, offering to be the one who serves or facilitates for others.  The ways we live it out are numerous, but we will not do what is not in our hearts to do.  More than anything we should want the will and the do of our hearts to be in His good pleasure and what is pleasing to the Lord.  Who are we looking out for today, is it just I or is it our neighbor as well?  “Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.”





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