A Psalm and a Prayer

May 26, 2017

A Psalm and a Prayer

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable unto You, oh God.

Psalms 19:14

You, oh Lord, are the wonder of our hearts, the richness and the meaning of life.

You uphold us by Your right hand.  You are our confidence, protector and defender.

You lead us in the paths of righteousness for Your namesake and you have imputed upon us the greatness of Your very name.  

We are as the dumb sheep who are often so prone to stray and act foolishly.  Yet, You are so full of grace to pardon our iniquities and correct us as Your children.  You watch over us with Your Shepherd heart and impart Your Spirit to counsel and lead us.  

Your lovingkindness is not only new every morning, it is as a sweet fragrance that lingers throughout the day and anoints us with Your favor.  Your ways are awesome, mighty and past finding out.  Your ways are so much higher than our ways and your thoughts higher than our thoughts.  Grant us the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding in the knowledge of You, that we may comprehend Your ways, oh Lord.  Give unto us a heart that is bent upon obedience and walking in the paths of righteousness.  

You have brought us out of the realm of death and into the realm of Life.  Teach us to walk by the Spirit in the Law of liberty and life in Christ Jesus.  Teach us how to appropriate that life and power to live a life of victory and overcoming in this present mortal body.  Teach us to live out of the dimension of Your divine nature that you have so richly made us partakers of.  

Worthy in the heavens is your majestic glory!  Worthy is Your name of the praise of all creatures, both small and great.  Worthy upon Your throne are You oh great God of justice and love.  May You be enthroned upon our hearts each day that we have breath.  May we be Your faithful children that would honor You both in life and in death; for you have made us heirs together with Christ, Your only Begotten.  You are becoming unto us the fullness of salvation.   You are redeeming us spirit, soul and body as You are transforming us into your likeness from glory to glory.  

Help us; oh Lord, as You consider our frame.  May Your grace remain rich toward us to help us in our weakness and frailties.  Yet empower us with faith to see that in our weakness we are made strong as we become more reliant and trusting for Your divine strength and life to become manifest in us.  Raise us up as Kings and Priests to offer unto You spiritual sacrifices offered from hearts of thanksgiving, contriteness and humility.  Let our boast be in You alone and help us that we never think more highly of ourselves than we ought, for our life is hid in You.  Our reason for living, being and having life is to express You, praise You and glorify Your name in the earth.  Establish our ways mighty Father.  Secure our feet that they would not slip from the high way of holiness and the paths of righteousness.  Place your salve upon our eyes that they may see through the eyes of spiritual understanding and comprehend Your intent.  Place Your hands upon our ears and anoint them to hear clearly and distinctly Your Holy Spirit.  Most of all make our hearts so tender and passionate toward you that we would grieve to do anything to offend or disobey You.  Write your laws upon the tablets of our hearts and make us an open book of Your gospel, read and known of all men.  

Oh great and mighty Lord of compassion and love, restore in us a right spirit, a burning passion and fervent faith.  Raise us up for this hour in time and history to be the instruments of Your glory and expression.  Grant that we would have hearts that would remain steadfast toward You in a world where so many things are screaming for our attention and would distract us from our purpose and calling in You.  Humbly, we put our faith and trust in You.  We are able to do all things through Christ, which strengthens us.  Help us that we may press on and prevail in a world filled with sin and darkness.  May we be Your lights, Your ministers of grace and Your flaming fire that would spread the gospel throughout the earth to every nation, tribe and tongue.  

You are Everything, oh Father, to Your people.  Bring forth Your Bride, Your Church and Your redeemed.  Let us be without spot or wrinkle before You.  Wash us and establish us in the blood of Jesus and allow the word of our testimony to overcome the evil one.  





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