Seasonings and Spices

April 5, 2017

Seasonings and Spices

Matthew 5:13

You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it useful again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.

Do you think that perhaps God, when He looks down upon His earth, sees it somewhat like a master chef sees the preparation of a fine meal?  He seasons with different herbs and spices to bring out a particular flavor and taste.  We are His seasonings and He has prepared each one of us to bring something to the table of life that expresses, enhances and brings forth the flavor of His life.  There is much ugliness and tasteless wickedness that prevails upon men, but oh how unsavory life would be if God did not provide His seasonings and spices to flavor life with Himself.  We are all so different and yet so necessary and essential to God’s economy and the expression of the many facets of His nature and being.  God uses many different flavorings to adorn His table with good things.  He is not simple or bland, but diverse and flavorful, combining His many unique creations to blend, come together and flavor this world with Himself.  

What flavor are you?  What unique characteristics, abilities, talents and gifts has God placed in your life to season His table?  Are we that salt and seasoning that He has created us to be, or have we grown bland, neglecting what God, Himself, has put in us?  God wants us to each flavor our part of the earth with the special seasoning He has created us to be.  Each of us has the capacity to express the Lord, because He lives in us and will live through us as we become less and He becomes more.  The enrichment of our spice is experienced as we submit our will to His and look to Him to help us be all that He has created us to be.  You are special and unique.  You are a special flavoring of God.  Be what He has created you to be.  Don’t try and be like another seasoning or spice, that’s not who God created you to be.  Be God’s expression through your life and personality.  Never let us cease from allowing Him to conform us to Himself so that we might become richer in the flavor of all that He is, but season and spice up the lives of those around you by being all that God has created you to be.




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