What Do We Value?

October 24, 2016

Matthew 13:46

When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!

What Do We Value?

Today I was considering values.   What is the value that we place on something or someone.  Often we try to measure value in dollars and cents, but in reality some things  of the greatest value are not about money at all.  Who can put a value on God’s Word or the Holy Spirit that helps reveal God and His Word to us?  Who can put value on the cross of Calvary or the price that Jesus paid for our sins.  Can salvation even have a price? Yes, it was the price that Jesus paid. It was the suffering and sacrifice of God’s very own life for us.  

So much we have in life has great value and yet we may take so much of it for granted.  Often the only thing that gives us the relative value of something is when we can experience and understand what it is to be without it.  What we have in abundance we rarely value.  What we perceive as an entitlement we rarely give due honor.  

Much of what God allows us to go through in life is to teach us to respect and honor godly values, provisions and blessings.  How can we fully understand the value of light without knowing its absence in darkness.  How we fully appreciate warmth, until we have been truly cold and how can we understand the value of being filled, until we have been truly empty.  

Christ Jesus became our high priest making intercession for us, because He came in the weakness and frailty of human flesh and experienced it outside the dimension of heaven and being God.  Now we know that He understands our infirmities, our weaknesses, our temptations and even our failures.  Though He walked through them perfectly as an example for us; He knows and appreciates what they are because He has experienced them.  What Jesus did and gave of Himself was for our sake.  Often what we go through in our life experiences through hardship, pain or suffering is God training us up to intercede and be in a place to minister to others.  What we overcome through our faith and perseverance, God can use to impart that strength to those who follow us.  What we often lose sight of as Christians who have endured trials for many years is that we are overcomers, not because we have been delivered out of our afflictions; we are overcomers because we hold fast our faith even as we await the promise.  How can we even be overcomers unless there is something in our lives to be overcome.  The overcomer holds God’s standard and His Word as being the authority and in that authority he or she submits their life.  It is not based on what they outwardly see or experience, but they abide believing and walking in the promises of God.  

When we pay a price for something we value it far more highly than that which we get for free.  God’s salvation is a free gift, but it is in the walking out of that salvation that we truly learn its value. When we truly acknowledge and recognize what God has delivered us from, then we most value what He is bringing us into.  If we only value our salvation for the sake of getting to heaven and missing hell, then we don’t really have a revelation of what our salvation is about.  Ultimately God saved us to be saviors.  I don’t mean that  in the sense of usurping the position of Jesus, but rather being the completion and instrumentation of what was began in Jesus and is completed through the many-membered body of Christ with Jesus as its head.  

It is God’s identity that He has given us in Christ that speaks to the nature and character of who we now are.  It is our position in Christ, seated at the right hand of the throne of God, that speaks to our authority, royalty and heavenly administration.  It is our purpose for which God created us that we, in Christ, should fulfill His purpose in destroying the works of the devil and setting creation free.  We are the instruments not to take His glory, but to be the expression of His glory.  

How can you put a value on that?  There is no monetary means of purchasing so great a gift and calling, but do we truly honor and value what our Papa has given us?  Do we fully realize  and appreciate that which we carry in these temples?  One day His train will fill the temple and “on the day he comes to be glorified in his holy people and to be marveled at among all those who have believed. This includes you, because you believed our testimony to you. (2 Thessalonians 1:10)”

Let us truly value, honor and walk into what we have been given.




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