Different Individual Words from the Lord

August 29, 2016

Ezekiel 47:12

Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear, because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.”

Different Individual Words from the Lord

There is a lonely teenage girl in loneliness and sadness today.  I see her in the corner of a dark room with a light upon her face.  The enemy is talking to you and a spirit of suicide is trying to take hold of you.  God says, “Don’t listen to the voice of darkness.  God has created you to be His daughter.  He has put great purpose and destiny in your life and the enemy wants to rob it from you.  Be encouraged.  Encourage your soul in the Word of God and don’t drown in your present circumstance.  This time of trial is to cause you to go deeper into the God you have believed to be real.  This is a time to identify and draw from His life.  “Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.”   He is calling you to be an overcomer; to rise up and take authority over your circumstances and over the depression that is gripping your heart.  You are a daughter of the Most High and for freedom did Christ die to set you free.  

That’s it.  Let faith arise in your heart and let God’s light and love illuminate your being once again.  You shall prevail because He is in you.  Be encouraged and lay hold of the hope that is before you. Your time of testing and trial has an expiration date and there are great days before you.

William be encouraged, your blessing is coming!

Laurie, sin is crouching at your door.  Don’t entertain it or allow it place in your heart.  It is the enemy speaking to you and trying to get you to take up an offense.  Let it go.   Cover it in love and release your offender. 

Harvey, walk on with me.  You have stubbed your toe on a rock and it is a rock of offense.  It has brought great pain to you, but I want you to be healed of it now and walk on with me.  I will heal it and I will deal with it.  Set your eyes back on me.  Come on Harvey, it is time to walk on. 

Kate, it’ not too late.  It’s not too late.  Turn your heart back to me.   Kate, I am the Gate you need to walk through for healing, restoration and deliverance.  Look back Kate.  My arms are open to you.  Come back to Me Kate.  it’s not too late.

Richard, you are radical.  Be radical in My love.  Allow My heart to prevail in you.  Let mercy triumph over judgement.  You are called forth to the nations, but you have to come into My heart for the nations.  I have made you radical to go where few men would go, but you have to be radical in My love, for it is My love that will be your greatest weapon in the days to come.  Pursue 

Me now and seek My heart.  I will reveal My love through you. 

Judith, pursue with fervor those that are before you.  Overtake them in My love through you.  I want to apprehend them and you are the vessel through whom I want to work.  In all that you do and all that you are, show them Me.  Don’t worry that their beliefs are different.  You are My living epistle and My gospel is written upon your heart and is lived out through your actions.  

I am with you Judith, Pursue!

Sue, the Lord is healing you!  No more, no more!   The battle bow of disease has been broken!  Stand in your authority in Christ.  Declare His Word and don’t look at what you see.  This is not unto death but unto life, for it is resurrection life that is working in you today.  Take hold of My Word and don’t be moved.  You are called to life declares the Lord!

Cheyenne Summers, there are green pastures before you.  come into My rest.  Come and partake of Me.  I will lead you by the gentle streams and peaceful brooks.  I am your Shepherd.  Come and learn to hear My voice so that where I will lead you, you will follow.  I will give you rest. 

Jane, God hears you.  He hears your cries and feels your heart.  You have thought yourself to be nothing when in reality GREATNESS  is written all over you.  You are My beloved and I cherish you.  In My quietness toward you I have seen your faithfulness.  You have not gone unnoticed.  Abide in Me for I have written GREATNESS  upon you.  Your window of opportunity is coming.  As you abide in Me you will know when to move into it. 

Summer, winds are at your back right now and  life is good, but there are dark days before you.  Don’t become complacent or take your ease.  Come and dwell in the shelter under the shadow of my wings, so that I might shelter you as you go through the storm.  Draw near to Me and know that I am with you.  

Robert or Bob, you have five children.  They are your legacy and a godly seed. Diligently plant the Word of God in them.  Don’t force it upon them, but teach them to practice the principles of My Word in their daily lives.  Show them the excitement of knowing Me and encountering Me daily.  I will come along side you in this endeavor.  Make it your priority. 

Max, the Lord says YES.  That is His will for you.  

Linda, less is more.  Just be and do.  The Word through you will preach much stronger than the words out of your mouth.  Live my gospel before him and edify him.  You can’t build a kingdom if you are trying to build it yourself.  You be the expression of My love and then I will be free to do My work.  

If any of these words have spoken to you or ones you know, I would be very encouraged to hear those testimonies.  Thank you.




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