Come Near to God

August 23, 2016

James 4:8

Come near to God and he will come near to you…

Come Near to God

In this time and this hour there should be an urgency in our hearts to pull back from the world and all that it represents.  Our attention and our focus must be heavenly; upon His kingdom coming in this personal earth, as well as the earth at large.  If we continue in the world it will only be and anchor that pulls us down into its destruction, chaos and judgement.  Today is a day of heavenly vision and divine insight.  It is a day to get a revelation of why you have been created to be who you are.  God has designed you, purposed and placed you in the earth for such a time as this.  Each of us in Christ has a calling and a destiny.  If we haven’t discovered what that is then how much more we need to come near to God to gain understanding of our true identity and purpose.  

Everything else must become secondary in our pursuit for Him.  Father God is our primary objective and goal and anything else before Him detours us from what we must lay hold of.  There is a sifting going on. On God’s threshing floor the wheat and chaff are being cast together into the air.  The wheat will remain, but the chaff will be blown away.  

Today God is calling His people in a separation unto Him.  

You are on a ship and it was destroyed, but you escaped with your life.  You’re in the water with the ship’s debris all around, but in the distance you see a life raft that is completely in tact and floating.  You know that in it there are provisions, water, blankets and protection from cold and sharks.  Would you settle for just clinging to the ship’s debris or would you move whatever was necessary out of your way and swim until you were able to reach that raft?  Where would your eye be fixed and where would your goal be set?  Jesus is that life raft in the midst of this earthly debris. With all that is within you swim for Him.  He is not only your means of survival, but once you are safely in Him your focus can then be on rescuing others.  

The problem in our relationship with God, is not God, but us.  It is our sin that causes separation.  It is not that God is not there or has turned His back on us.  His desire is for our relationship, but we have to get in alignment with the instruction of His Word and the revelation that we are a new creation man. When we are willing to do things His way, we will see the results that He promises us. When we are willing to wait and hear the direction of the Holy Spirit we will see the results in our lives that we are looking for.  It is God that is waiting for us.  If we want Him to come  near to us then we need to fully turn our hearts to where He is.  It is not in all of our efforts, but in our submission, waiting and obedience.  Move whatever earthly debris that is hindering you out of the way as you make your way to Him.




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