Rediscover Your Love

July 5, 2016

Ecclesiastes 9:9

Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun— all your meaningless days.

Rediscover Your Love

I remember when I first met my wife.  We used to take walks together, collect a piece of driftwood down by the river in the shape of an L that stood for our love, chase each other around the trees, go to the mountains and share the Word. We were always talking, sharing and enjoying the company and time we had together with each other.  Our marriages are sometimes like our relationship with the Lord.  Over time we tend to forget that first love that was so rich and wonderful.  Over time we get caught up in the busyness of life, jobs, raising children, paying bills and our own things.  We can drift apart and find that we have lost that connection and the joy that we once felt in our hearts.  We find that the little faults that we might once have thought were cute, now annoy us and perhaps we find ourselves at odds more than we do in love.  

I believe God cares about our relationships with Him and with one another.  There needs to be more of those times that we get out of our routines and change our focus from chores and work to just going and playing with one another.  Go for walks, play games, just spend the time to focus on one another and that first love that you felt in your heart.  It is still there, but it can grow hardened and cold through years of disappointments, hurts, anger or lack of attention.  Isn’t it time we all blow the dust off of our marriage and our love for one another.  God only intended that we would have one wife or husband while we both are living, so we had better enjoy what He has given us and make it the best that it can be.  I fear many of us, including myself will come to end of life and realize we spent way too much time on the things that really didn’t matter so much and far too little time on the things that really do matter. 

Lord help us to get a revelation of that now, so that we can we can really enjoy the richness and the love that you want us to have in our relationships.  Help us to really be a blessing and a joy to the one that we love and call our spouse.  They are one with us and when we rob them, we rob ourselves.  Life is meaningless and vanity without those that we love and that love us.  Help us to take the time to play, love and enjoy a depth and richness in our love and relationship.   Wash away the past that has been tainted with negative experiences, memories, disappointments and hurts.  Help us to let go of any unforgiveness that we may still harbor in our hearts and create within us a fresh season of love and joy with one another.  Help us to better communicate on every level and have sensitivity to the needs in one another and the ability, along with the willingness to meet those needs the best we can.  Make our lives full, rich and filled with the love of God and that special first love that we had for one another. Amen.




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