Who do I Profit?

June 9, 2016

1 Corinthians 10:33

Even as I please all [men] in all [things], not seeking mine own profit, but the [profit] of many, that they may be saved. 

Who do I Profit?

What is our underlying motives in most of what we do in deeds and service?  What are the real motives of our heart in why we give or serve others?  As I examine my own heart what may seem noble on the surface might be self-serving in the end.  Do I only give, hoping to get something in return?  What are the true motives of our hearts?  Are they ultimately for our profit or truly for the benefit and profit of those that we say that we serve?

Paul truly became all things to all men.  It doesn’t mean that he compromised himself in his values and faith, it simply means that he was willing to give up himself in order that he might relate with others where they were at.  His life wasn’t about himself, it was rooted in how he could somehow communicate Christ to others in ways that they might embrace and understand.  He was bendable and conformable to many of the customs of those that he ministered too.  Some of us are so dogmatic about what we believe that it is either our way or the highway.  We don’t care about how we relate with others, it is all about us being right about what we believe and if we offend others in the process then they can just go to hell.  Without saying it, that is how we can come across as self-righteous bigots.  

Then there are those of us who are willing to become all things to all men to manipulate them to our advantage and profit.  Our first concern is not their soul, but how they can ultimately benefit us.  It may come across like our whole purpose is to serve and benefit them when in reality our purpose is to benefit us.    When we get what we want. we are through with them.

Paul demonstrated the spirit of Christ and like Christ I believe that Paul was willing to be the friend of publicans, sinners, gentiles and many others who may have gone strongly against the grain of who he was.   For Paul it was not about him, it was about them.  How could He impart Christ to them?  That was what burned within his heart.  He knew that their salvation was for that person’s profit and he was willing to give of himself in any way that he could to impart that benefit to another.  

This is the heart that we want to have in us, where other’s, and especially the salvation of others, becomes more important to us than our own profit or opinion or benefit. Often others may go out of their way or go the extra mile to bless or help me.  Do I truly acknowledge that blessing and make sure that I always give more than I take or do I just take what benefits me and go my way?   Today I will start asking myself in what I do for others, is my real motive to profit them or to profit me?




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