The Switch from Darkness to Light

April 26, 2016

John 3:18

He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

The Switch from Darkness to Light

The world stands in a state of condemnation.  The only difference between the believer and the world is faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  No matter how guilty we were, if we have repented and embraced Christ in faith, the blood of Jesus has acquitted us of our just punishment.  He paid the penalty in our stead.  God has not only liberated those who put their faith in Jesus, but He has given us the right to be His children and joint-heirs with Christ.  The ever-amazing thing is that we could never do anything to deserve or earn what the Lord has freely given us.  All we can ever do is give our lives back to Him who gave us life and even that is with the enablement of His grace and mercy working in us.  

Faith was the light switch, which turned on the light of our souls.  The Light dispelled our darkness and brought us into the hope of resurrection life.  As a result, we are the lights of the world.  We are the light bulbs of God’s manifest power and life.  The question we have is, have we pulled back the shade of our lamps that we might so shine among men?  If we shine, then how does the world perceive our light?  

There are those in whom the light is like throwing on the floodlights and everything is about Jesus.  A lot of the world is taken back at this and tend to withdraw from the overzealous Christian.

Then there are those that hide their light and you would never know that they even acknowledged themselves as believers in Christ.  

When we look at Jesus we see that He didn’t deny whom He was, nor did He flaunt and boast of Himself among men.  He presented Himself with wisdom.  He discerned the hearts of those that were listening to Him and spoke to the issues of the heart rather than to the surface issues.  If we just scatter seed indiscriminately at will does that make us good planters?  The farmer prepares the soil and he plants in season.  Then he doesn’t just forget his planting, but waters, cultivates and tends it.  He does this because the success of his crop is much greater than if he just went about indiscriminately throwing out seed, or if he never got around to planting any seed at all. 

We live in a world that needs to see the reality of God’s light and truth manifesting in a people that aren’t just all talk, but have a walk that demonstrates their belief through the operation of love, mercy and righteousness. The communication of the kingdom of God is not just about verbal communication, it about the communication through a lifestyle that reinforces what we profess to believe and adhere too.  People aren’t just listening to your words; they are watching your life.  Are we wisely planting our seed of Life today?  Are we the light that shows forth the character and nature of the Son?  We live in a world of darkness that desperately needs what we possess.  We can not arrogantly say, “I believed and if they don’t that is too bad.”  God has redeemed us into the ministry of sharing our life with others.  If our attitude is only for self, then we might question if we truly possess the love of God.  God’s love and salvation needs expression through us.  In order for us to communicate and express Christ properly we need His wisdom and relationship.  We each have unique abilities and giftings that God has given us to communicate His life and salvation.  Let’s endeavor to grow into that place where God would be able to use our lives to so shine before men in reality and in truth.  



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