The Law of Kindness

April 21, 2016

Proverbs 31:26

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue [is] the law of kindness. 

The Law of Kindness

The one thing that most of us really want from one another is to be treated with respect, dignity and friendliness.  We want to be appreciated for who we are as a person.  We want to know that someone really cares about us beyond an empty platitude that asks, ‘how are we doing?’  When we operate out of the law of kindness, we are doing just that, we are expressing genuine concern and interest in an individual. If we would want others to treat us after this manner then it is upon us to exercise this same kindness.  We approach each person, seeing them through the eyes of Christ.  We may see that they have character flaws and don’t measure up in ways that the world judges important, but we know that in God’s eyes each person is special and unique.  In Christ the law of kindness teaches us to look beyond the outward and into the heart of each soul.  Instead of seeing another’s faults God wants us to see their need and be the resource to help meet those needs in the ways that we can.  

Ask yourself, is the law of kindness in your tongue and in your heart.  Do we really have the heart of Christ toward other individuals?  Sometimes that takes us out of our comfort zone and stretches us in ways that are not comfortable, but afterwards we experience the warmth and the joy of being God’s instrument of kindness and mercy toward another.  In building another up and making their lives more special we have communicated the love of Christ and the heart of God toward them.  

The law of kindness shouldn’t just operate at Christmas; it is a part of the Spirit of Christ in us.  We need to be sensitive to it and operating in it.  



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