Be Ready and Speak the Word

March 25, 2016


2 Timothy 4:1-2 (New Life Version)

These words are from my heart to you. I say this before God and Jesus Christ. Some day He will judge those who are living and those who are dead. It will be when Christ comes to bring His holy nation. 2 Preach the Word of God. Preach it when it is easy and people want to listen and when it is hard and people do not want to listen. Preach it all the time. Use the Word of God to show people they are wrong. Use the Word of God to help them do right. You must be willing to wait for people to understand what you teach as you teach them. 

Be Ready and Speak the Word

We have a fairly extensive yard that we use a lot in our business.  We have a gardener that comes in and plants certain flowers, grasses and plants.  After she plants these she is always telling us that we need to water them every day for a least ten days.  The water helps them to become established and rooted so they can begin to sustain themselves more on their own.  The Lord was reminding me of the spiritual application of this.   So many times, when we do witness and win people to Christ, we stop there and that is really where we need to begin.  It is one thing to plant, but it is another to establish that which has been planted.  How many people have fallen away from the faith because they made a commitment to Christ, but no one took the time to disciple and establish them in their faith?  

We find that we have to hand water a lot in our yard.  Just the regular watering isn’t enough.  Young Christians are like that, they need to be hand watered and established in their faith.  We need to actually water one another with the Word and with spiritual encouragement.  We all need to be challenged, corrected and built up in our faith and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  We need it and we need to do be doing it for others.  The body of Christ is not a building, but a living organism in which each part serves the other and works together for the good of the whole.  Disease happens when something is destroying healthy cells or when cells go out of control and start reproducing themselves outside the order and proper function of the body.  We help to maintain health in the body of Christ by first, maintaining our proper role and obedience to Christ, but by also taking care of those in our sphere of influence.  Always be ready, be instant in season and out to speak the Word of life and faith.  Encourage others in Christ and especially care for those who are new in their walk with Lord.  The life that we live and the words that we speak are often the most a lot of people will know about Christ.  It is the water of life.  Be ready to speak the Word.



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