God’s Greatest Gift

August 18, 2014

John 3:16
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

God’s Greatest Gift

I pray that all of us share the most wonderful and profound gift that God has ever given to man, the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. There is still no greater miracle than of a person being birthed into the kingdom of God. Truly, God’s love is amazing that He would love a sinful and rebellious creation so much that He would lay down the very life of His holy sinless Son that through His death we might experience eternal life in His presence. There is no more joyous and wondrous place in all of the earth than to share fellowship and relationship in His holy presence. When we really begin to have church the way it is suppose to be we will no longer go out of obligation, we will go with anxious expectation and anticipation at being in His presence. We will experience His Spirit operating to us, in us and through us. Needs will be met, hearts mended, physical needs met, spiritual growth and maturity taking place. We come together not just to get and receive, but to give out of the storehouse of God’s abundant grace within us. We are each one His treasures and God loves to share His treasures with one another and with the rest of the world. In order for us to be a treasure shared we must become an open chest. We can no longer be closed and hidden but open and vulnerable. As we identify the needs in others God will show us which treasure He wants us to impart.
As we come into this season of giving may we always remember that the greatest gifts are not what we receive outwardly. Those outward gifts are only indicative of a much greater gift that desires to always be expressed and that is the gift of love. I pray that everyone who reads this knows how much God truly loves and cares for them. Sometimes in our tribulations and struggles we can lose sight of that. We must always remember that our character is developed as we go through the storms of life, not as we are rescued out of them. The Lord remains with us each step of the way.
If by some chance you haven’t yet asked Jesus, the gift of God, to come into your heart, to forgive your sins and to be your Lord and Savior, He invites you to do so right now in the quietness of this moment. If we know that Jesus is God’s gift of salvation to us, but we never open the present, then we can’t receive the contents. Many have knowledge about Jesus, but that is like having a present addressed to you, that you never open or partaken of its contents. Jesus isn’t yours until you open God’s gift and ask Him into you heart. He ever stands ready to give Himself to you; He only awaits your invitation. Please contact me if you need someone to pray with you.
Jesus Christ, is God’s greatest gift to us. It is one that we can never earn, deserve or be good enough to receive. Receiving Jesus is simply the willingness to accept God’s invitation to come into His kingdom and be partakers of His divine life. He is yours for the asking and believing.
May all of us share together in God’s greatest gift of all.



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