God- Our After-thought

December 14, 2012

Jeremiah 18:15-17 (The Message)
But my people have left me to worship the Big Lie.
They’ve gotten off the track, the old, well-worn trail,
And now bushwhack through underbrush in a tangle of roots and vines.
Their land’s going to end up a mess— a fool’s memorial to be spit on.
Travelers passing through will shake their heads in disbelief.
I’ll scatter my people before their enemies, like autumn leaves in a high wind.
On their day of doom, they’ll stare at my back as I walk away, catching not so much as a glimpse of my face.”

God- Our After-thought

In Jeremiah’s day God was probably regarded like many people regard Him today. It may be that it is not because they don’t believe there is a God or even a Savior, but they have forgotten Him, to serve the “Big Lie”. The big lie for us has become our self-indulgence and gratification. It has become our financial success and status. It has become about whatever tickles our fancy, but where is God? If He is in our thoughts at all; He is an afterthought, perhaps just a twinge in our conscience. He is someone whose presence would really just cramp our style, so He is relatively forgotten. This reality takes place among so-called Christians as well as those of the world.
Where is God in our lives? Is He at the fore-front of our thoughts? The One we open our eyes thinking upon and praising each morning? Where is God in our thoughts? Where is He in our lives?
Why am I so obsessed with thinking about God?
I am glad you asked. When we loose sight of God, His importance and place in our lives, we may outwardly still be blessed, but inwardly our spiritual life is spinning out of control on a crash course to destruction. Where it goes our natural life will soon follow. We see it taking place in our nation right before our eyes. As wickedness and godlessness has perverted our land, so the great blessings that we have enjoyed as Americans is following it right out the door. We are going to reap what has been sown.
Jesus made the statement in Matthew 6:33, ” But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” If we want the blessing and the best that God has for us, He can not just be an afterthought of our lives, our time, or our resources. He must become the forethought, the first thought of each day and the last thought of each night. He must become the reason I live, because the purpose of my life is found in Him. I was not created for my glory. I was created for His!
If life, finances, relationships are going downhill, consider where God is at in your life. Is He just an after-thought? If so, repent and give Him the rightful place in your life so that you are not scattered as the autumn leaves in a high wind; your life decimated by your rebellion and self-will. He who honors the Lord, the Lord will honor. What holds true of the relationship and position God holds in our lives also holds true in our marriage, family and other relationships. If things are falling apart it is probably because they are out of order and our priorities have become misplaced. When we will make God first and our families second we will start to see order and restoration come back into our lives. Are our priorities where they need to be?


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