Knowing Jesus

October 19, 2012

Song of Solomon 5:16
His mouth is sweetness itself; he is altogether lovely.
This is my lover, this my friend,
O daughters of Jerusalem.

Knowing Jesus

Consider for a moment that you have an estate. Your home is surrounded by a court yard. Within your courtyard is your personal home and within your home is you personal room or bedroom. Now think about who you invite into those places. In the courtyard you will receive and entertain your friends, neighbors and acquaintances, but they may rarely come into your home. In your home you have your family, those relatives that live with you and are close to you. But in your bedroom and personal domain, only your wife shares the intimacy of that space with you.
This is a rough analogy of our spiritual relationship with the Lord and where we are at in that relationship. Most are content to meet with the Lord in the courtyard of religion, church, general worship and fellowship. They have their meal and their time with Him and then they go on their way until it is time to meet with Him again. Then there is His family, His disciples who walk with Him daily, live with Him, dine with Him and spend a great deal of personal time with Him. Lastly, their is His bride. Only she comes into the intimacy of His personal chambers or bedroom. There, she shares breath and life with Him. In that place she is not content to just fellowship with Him or even to imitate Him. There she is impregnated with His very life and being. There she become so one in His identity that she is one flesh with Him. When the others see her, all they see is her husband represented in her and in the life that she carries.
The question before us, is where to do we want to be in our relationship with Father? Are we content to know Him at a distance? Are we willing to pay the price to be a disciple and live with Him daily, forsaking all else, in our walk and life? Or, could we be like His wife who is content with nothing less than all of Him and giving all that she is to Him. In that relationship the one life is lost in the other and they can’t be distinguished apart except in form. Their spirit and their hearts are one. She is bringing forth the man child who is the express image and likeness of Jesus.
What relationship are we content with?


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