Come into Your Gifting

June 29, 2012

2 Timothy 1:6-7
For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

Come into Your Gifting

    We know that the word teaches that to each one of who possess the Holy Spirit within us, we have gifts imparted to us through God.  Some of us know full well what they are and some of us may still be discovering them.  The important thing in this hour is to know that God has placed certain things in you for your ministry to the body and the world at large.  Often times, even if we know what some of our giftings are, we may not be moving in or exercising them. 
    Sadly, many of our churches do little to really stir up the gifts within us and help us to exercise and develop into the spiritual maturity of them.  What is in my spirit is that God is wanting to greater activate His body in this hour and bring her into a greater maturity.  So much of the church has been kept dumbed down with listening to others and perhaps doing religious activities, but not really moving out in the gifting and abilities that God has placed within each true believer.  God is wanting to activate you.  He is wanting to stir up that gift(s) inside of you and bring them to fruition and demonstration.
    It is important to remember that the gifts are nothing in themselves unless they operating out of love in the power of the Holy Spirit. My sense is that God is beginning to baptize us into a greater revelation, expression and demonstration of the Agape’ love of God than we have ever experienced before.  Get ready, because in this love, self is lost and it becomes all about Jesus and the expression of who He is.  For so long, most of our religious experience has been all about us.  What meets our needs, how we like to worship and what we want to hear.  When we don’t get what we want or someone offends us by what they say or how they act, we simply go somewhere else and the process starts all over.  It is important today to ask God where He wants you and to be faithful and committed to that place until He releases you or moves you elsewhere.  Remember it may not be everything you want.  It may not tickle your ears.  You may even find offense and discomfort there, but instead of leaving and running away you need to stay and grow through it.  You grow through it by exercising the love of Christ with all of its attributes.  You will never come into that if you are always pursuing the path of least resistance. 
    What is important for each  of us as believers is to begin to discern and recognize the giftings in one another.  As we recognize these, we need to acknowledge and affirm them in our brothers and sisters, encouraging them and stirring them up to operate and exercise the giftings that they carry.  The spirit of timidity and fear is reluctant to express itself for fear of failure or rejection.  We need to create a culture of love that provides a safe place for others to develop and come into their gifts.  Obviously this is a maturing process and mistakes can be made along the way.  The mistakes are not to our detriment, but for our growth.  Don’t be afraid of rejection and failure.  Step out in what you know and have by faith.  Holy Spirit will help you fine tune it along the way.  The main thing is always operate your gift out of love, the ultimate edification of others and glory of God.  Our gifts can be a two-edged sword with which we can wound, maim and kill as well as give life and blessing.  How it is used depends upon your heart and the love of God that fills it. 
    As we step into this arena of using the weaponry of our gifts, we cast off of us the spirit of fear and timidity as we embrace the spirit of power, of love and the sound mind of discipline that should go with those gifts and abilities.  They should not be neglected, nor should they be used without the proper leading of the Holy Spirit in the attitude and heart of love. 
    God wants to stir up your gift today.  Don’t fear it, embrace it, but along with it embrace His power, His love and the sound mind of discipline in how to properly operate in it to give life and do the work of God through it. 



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