Body Ministry

June 5, 2012

Romans 12:4-5
Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

Body Ministry

The Word gives us the illustration that our marriages are like Christ and the bride.  We who are many are made one in Christ Jesus and we who are many members, having many and different functions in the body are to all function as one in Him.  One of the mistakes we make in marriage and in the body of Christ is that we often want to try to fit others in our box.  We tend to think, others should think as we think, have the same doctrinal views that we have and fit our idea of what a Christian should look like.  We do that in our marriages and that’s why a lot of our marriages have severe problems or don’t work.  Instead of loving and accepting the other person for being the unique expression that they are, we want to clone them into us.  We forget that one of the things that probably first attracted us to them may be those very things we have been trying to change in them.  They can no more be you than you are them.  What we miss in marriage and in body ministry and functionality is that we were created to be different.  Love is the key ingredient in us that helps us to defer and give place to another.  If God’s love isn’t present, then it becomes all about us and our world.  It is kind of like how scientist use to think the sun revolved around the earth, rather than the earth around the sun.  It has to do with our perspective and understanding.  In a good marriage there are two individuals that have learned that they belong to one another and their function is to complete the other, not to try to change the function or individuality of their spouse.  In the compliment of the two lives, you see one complete life.
There is a key here in these two verses that we really need to get a hold of, “each member belongs to all of the others.”  You see, our particular gifting and abilities are not about us, they are for the benefit and the building up of the rest of the body.  If  I wrote what I do and then just kept it to myself, I would be denying the rest of the body of what Christ has put in me.  He has put something just as important in you, but if you fail to recognize that it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the body, then the body is deprived and robbed of that expression of Christ that only you can bring.  We are all just parts of the bigger picture, but the picture can’t be complete unless you are in it, doing and being what you were created to be and do.  I need you.  You need me.  Our completion comes from Christ functioning through all us, not just any one of us.  This is one of the reasons I believe God is moving away from one man ministries.  The expression of the body is being denied, but don’t think that your expression can only happen in church.  That may be the last place it happens. Does that make you any less significant or important?  No.
We often have the perception that our identity is related to a title, ordination, or an acknowledged position.  We need to know that Christ has already acknowledged our position and it is in Him.  He is our ordination and He has given us the title of sons and children of God, which is our identity.   You are in Christ regardless of the title of man.  Titles are simply houses our identity sometimes lives in, but regardless of title, it doesn’t change who we are or what we do.  Some of the most significant members are those that are least seen.  Our significance and worth has nothing to do with how men perceive us, it is all about how Father sees us and are we being true to what He has created to be in our expression of Him.
Just remember, in marriage or in the body of Christ, it is not important that others are like you or that they believe just like you, or do things your way.  It is not about you.  It is about Jesus and our individual faithful expression of Him.  When we get a revelation that we are not our own and the Son doesn’t revolve around us, but we were created, formed and called into Christ to belong to the body.  We are here to give what Christ has put in us to give and not get offended when others don’t always seem to appreciate that.  Our value comes from Christ, not the kudos and acknowledgement of others.  There are parts on your body that get little to no praise or recognition, but you would sure notice if they quit existing or functioning.
It is the love of Christ and the oil of the Spirit that lubricates and unites us to function in the unity of the body of Christ,  If we are missing those ingredient, will then we begin to wear on each other.  Let us remember, we are not our own, we belong to each other, so let us be there for each other in whatever need we can meet.


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