Stand and Speak

May 25, 2012

Acts 5:20
Go, stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life.

Stand and Speak

As the angel of God spoke these words to Peter, does not the Spirit of the Lord speak this command to us today?  Wherever your temple or the platform God may provide for us is, let us speak forth the words of this Life.  We know that this Life is Christ and His word does not return unto Him void, but is able to accomplish that for which it was sent.  First, it has to be spoken.  Even as Jesus was the mouthpiece of God the Father, so we are His mouthpiece to speak the words of this Life to those in our place and in our world.
Let the richness of God’s word indwell you, but don’t be a sealed well or a fountain shut up.  Go stand and speak in the temple to the people all of the words of this life.  As we set our eyes upon Jesus, our faith and trust resting in Him, He will be the expression of Life through us to draw men to Him.   Let the words that you speak today be saturated with the honey of God’s love and His word.  Be a source of encouragement and blessing to the other brothers and sisters that are among you.  Let us be bold to be His witness and proclaim His Good News in word and in deed.


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